Boyo 5.8" Heads-Up Display With Reflector Cradle
Boyo 5.8" Heads-Up Display With Reflector Cradle

Type: Car Video
Vendor: Boyo


Plug & play
For use in vehicles with OBD interface
Auto on/off
Switchable between OBD & GPS displays
OBD shows vehicle speed RPM water temperature instantaneous fuel consumption average fuel consumption over 62 miles mileage single driving time speed alarm high water temperature alarm RPM alarm low voltage alarm fatigue alarm & shift reminding
GPS is km/mile switchable with adjustable brightness & shows vehicle speed local time compass single driving distance & time voltage altitude & satellite number
Mounts via reflector cradle or device can reflect off windshield by using the included reflector film
Cradle can also be used with a smartphone
Includes harness & mounting hardware