Metal Detectors

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3 modes of operation Automatic & manual ground balance Sensitivity meter Detects coin-sized objects up to 7" deep larger objects up to 2ft 4 easy-to-use knob controls 2-tone target identification Full discrimination capability 7" waterproof search coil Requires two 9V batteries 5-year...
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Detects coin-size objects up to 8" deep larger objects up to 3ft 8" interchangeable waterproof search coil Notch & auto notch modes 3-tone audio discrimination Touch pad selection Sensitivity & discrimination controls 3-level iron discrimination LCD with target ID & depth reado...
Provides precision pinpointing Use side by side with metal detectors to pinpoint exact locations of underground item Pinpoints with probe tip within 1.5" Static operation--no motion required Requires one 9V battery
Highest-quality metal detector V-Break(R) technology Variable tone breakpoint Pinpoint mode with depth indicator Discrimination motion no motion Variable notching Ground Grab(R) Computerized ground balancing
Lightweight ergonomic design Target strength visual indicator Battery level indicator Power/sensitivity adjustment Discriminate/eliminator adjustment 1-year warranty
Automatic tuning & ground balance Power/sensitivity adjustment Trash eliminator control to remove most undesirable items from detection Includes .125" headphone jack & headphones Treasure meter to determine strength of signal Detects coin-sized objects up to 6" deep larger objects up t...
7.25" interchangeable waterproof search coil Dual-tone audio discrimination Power & sensitivity control Discrimination control Detects coin-size objects up to 7" deep larger objects up to 2ft Headphone jack 5-year limited warranty
Ultra lightweight Advanced discrimination & notching 9 target category All digital controls with easy to read depth indicator 9-segment digital target identification 4 tone audio feedback 1-touch zap eliminates unwanted targets Push button all-metal discrimination & notch controls Require...
For use with Bounty Hunter(R) metal detectors True stereo headphones Individual volume controls for right & left sides .25" stereo plug compatible with all Bounty Hunter(R) models with .25" headphone jacks

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